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Crowns And Bridges Treatment

When your tooth is damaged but not lost, a dental crown is the best alternative to restore its structure and function. Crown, often called as a ‘cap’ is an artificial tooth that covers the damaged tooth. It encircles the natural tooth, thus giving it back the natural appearance and desired strength.


Tooth bridges are used to replace a missing tooth or teeth. When a tooth is missing, the adjacent teeth on either side of the gap are employed to hold a false tooth. The supporting teeth are covered  with crowns and these crowns support the false tooth.

They are attached to the adjacent teeth or to dental implants next to where the tooth once stood.

The spaces left by missing teeth can cause the adjacent teeth to move or shift. This can result in the bite changing.  Dental bridge helps prevent this bite collapse from happening.

Apple dental care offers you a wide range of crowns such as: Zirconia, E-max, porcelain fused metal crowns( ceramic ), metal crowns.The advantage of metal free crowns, such as Zirconia and E.max, are the masking of the grey hue on the gum line caused by the silver coloured metal. In certain situations, computer technology is also utilized to fabricate these metal free restorations at Apple dental care. Contact us to find out if you are a candidate for metal-free crowns and bridges.

Lower teeth replacement

For this patient, we addressed her concerns of spacing in her lower front teeth and mild tooth mobility. At Apple Dental Care, we opted for a ceramic bridge as a suitable solution, taking into consideration her age. She is very happy.

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