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Root Canal Treatment

The decaying of a tooth first starts with the enamel and progresses to the inner layers - Pulp. When the pulp gets decayed, it causes severe tooth pain. Root canal treatment(RCT) often becomes the only way to save the tooth.

How do I know if my tooth requires Root Canal Treatment?

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, please contact dentist of the Apple Dental Care Team as they can also be a sign of other oral health issues. Remember that everyone’s symptoms are different, and some patients have no symptoms at all.

In Apple dental care Ramanathapuram & Vellalore we do root canal treatment in an absolutely painless and extremely comfortable procedure. The Root Canal treatment will be performed and completed within a short time, mostly in a single visit. Treatment will be done with advanced equipment and dental x- rays. Treatment will be done by a highly-skilled endodontist (root canal specialist) with a strong clinical background and years of experience in root canal treatment.

After a root canal treatment, a tooth will become brittle and will not be able to withstand the forces of biting and chewing. A crown acts as a protective covering on the tooth and prevents any breakdown of tooth structure. So it has to be mandatory to crown any tooth that has been treated by root canal.​

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