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Intra Oral Scanner

Another dental technology that has become popular in recent years is Intraoral Scanners. Traditionally, we had to take impressions with a jelly-like material that would sit in the patient’s mouth until it dried and a mold was formed. Now, dental technology has advanced towards using intraoral scanners for this purpose.

Intraoral scanners are dental devices used to capture and map a patient’s oral cavity. The device is composed of a wand that is attached to a computer with a cord. In Apple dental care weuses the wand to glide across all surfaces of the top and bottom teeth. As the wand moves through the mouth, the computer software captures a digital 3D model of the patient’s teeth.

It is seen to increase in accuracy and has become easier to use since they were first created. Because of this, in apple dental care we have started including this for aligners, implant crown, ortho ( clip) stimulation, cosmetic and smile designing.

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