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Dental Filling

Dental fillings are the most common type of dental treatment that aims at restoring the health of an affected tooth. Teeth that are discoloured or damaged due to cavities and trauma (broken teeth) need to be restored with fillings.To repair a damaged teeth, in apple dental care we removes the decay and then fills the space with a tooth coloured filling material.

Composite or Cosmetic Filling

These tooth-coloured fillings are also known as cosmetic fillings, since they resemble the colour of a tooth. They are also used for aesthetic correction of the teeth, apart from restoring a decay tooth/discoloured tooth. The composite fillings are resins that are available in different shades. In apple dental we are using latest composite materials.

Many of our patients also prefer to have old silver amalgam fillings replaced in their mouth with the tooth coloured composite fillings, and we Apple dental care are happy to provide this service.

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