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Gum (periodontal) disease is an infection of the tissues around the teeth. Gum Disease is usually caused by poor brushing habits that allow plaque, calculus, or deposit accumulation. Gum treatment - Scaling & oral prophylaxis is the procedure for removing an infection caused by bacterial contamination of the gums.   The bacteria in the mouth react with food deposits,  minutes after the consumption of a meal. The deposits gradually stain the teeth and begin to infect the gums. Professional tooth cleaning is needed to eliminate the infection. 

Apple dental care provides all periodontal services including periodontal pocket surgery, crown lengthening, deep cleanings, bone and soft tissue grafting and gum reduction surgery. The Periodontist works in conjunction with the restorative dentist to achieve the ideal esthetic and functional result for you. At Apple Dental care, we strive for Preventive Care, and most periodontal disease can be treated with regular flossing and tooth-brushing.

Apple dental care, we do professional tooth cleaning & oral prophylaxis followed by educating the patient with brushing techniques and flossing.  Dental Laser is also used for increased efficiency. In severe cases, like an elongated tooth, mobility and several loose teeth we recommend flap treatment and regular follow-up.

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